Empty States

Empty States

Empty states arise when there is an absence of data or information that can be presented or displayed in a given context. These instances occur when the system, application, or interface has no available content or relevant information to populate a particular area or screen. Empty states often serve as placeholders, notifying users about the lack of data or guiding them towards taking appropriate actions to generate or acquire the necessary content.


Most empty states in Segment fall in one of four categories:

Full Page

Full-page error UI is used when a critical error occurs that affects the entire page or application.

- It typically involves displaying an error message or visual indicator on a dedicated error page or overlay that covers the entire screen. - Full-page error UI provides a clear and distinct separation between the normal content and the error message. - It allows users to focus solely on the error and provides a dedicated space to explain the issue and provide instructions or options for resolution.


It allows users to quickly identify and correct errors without disrupting their workflow or losing context.

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