LazyPay brand

At LazyPay, we believe credit should be accessible to everyone.

  • We want users to trust us as their one-stop solution for all things credit

  • We want to be seen as reliable, fun, and customer-first

  • We make our users feel happy and comfortable, and give them an easy, frictionless experience

  • We're not an upscale, premium brand - we don't aim to inspire, rather empower

Writing Style

Follow these core writing principles while writing anything for LazyPay users. More on Style can be found under Grammar and Mechanics (WIP)

Put users first
  • Be benefit-oriented, not product-oriented - tell the user how your product benefits them, and how it adds value
  • Front-load text: Start with the fundamental "takeaway" that readers must have, then fill in progressively more detail for readers to just scan
  • er what users are thinking and feeling at each step and how it affects their decision making
Put users first
  • Clear: Write in simple, scannable lines of text
  • Concise: Break longer sentences into short ones. If a sentence takes more than 3 secs to read out loud, it's too long. No unnecessary words. Get to the point.
  • Conversational: Ask yourself - how would I explain this to my friend? Be casual. Not like a lender or a salesperson. Read out what you've written out loud - it should sound natural
Put users first
  • Write for high-school reading level. Use the simplest words whenever possible. What is understandable for you may not be understandable for your users.
  • Provide context. Don't make users think.
  • Avoid jargon, regional slang, metaphors, or unfamiliar exclamations e.g. "We provide A1 service" is not a phrase used throughout India
  • Don't assume gender, avoid using pronouns like he/she
  • Add alt text for every element on the screen, and define the order in which they are read by a screenreader

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