3D Illustrations

3D Illustrations

Assets, images and illustrations can simplify the communication of complex ideas, making them more easily understood. To ensure their effectiveness, illustrations should be relevant and tailored to the user's context and emotional state.

At LazyPay, we use a 3D style of illustration.


  • Hero: Illustrations that are intended to tell more complex stories. This allows them to be more metaphorical and fantastical in nature.
  • Spot Hero : They are slightly simplified versions of heroes, visually and metaphorically. These assets are perfect when you need to pack a punch with limited space.
  • Spot: Minimalistic depictions of concepts or objects, often accompanied by atmospheric background elements to enhance context. These illustrations are commonly utilized in empty states or as part of a larger composition alongside other imagery.

Material Settings

Material settings are finalized so we can achieve the same render each time. For most materials, we only use roughness and specular maps. To achieve metallic and gold materials, we've added a metallic map as well.


Typically, we use an angle ranging between 28 to 35 degrees. However, in rare instances, an exact 90 degree angle may be employed.

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