All UX copy should align with LazyPay's brand, contributing to a consistent and authentic experience across every content channel users interact with. To keep UX copy on-brand, consider style, voice, and tone:

  • Voice is the personality that's reflected in your writing. This remains constant always.

  • Tone is the approach you take based on context and users emotions. Tone can vary depending on the situation.

  • Style is the way we make words work together, and what effect the writing has on the user. It includes some core writing principles, grammar, syntax and inclusivity essentials.



The LazyPay voice is genuine, friendly and light-hearted, with a bit of sweet humour

LazyPay as a person A young, relatable person who is authentic, rejects luxury and prefers simplicity. They are optimistic, lighthearted and approachable. Once in a while, they like to joke around. Think Kartik Aaryan (opens in a new tab) or Siddhant Chaturvedi (opens in a new tab)

At LazyPay, we cater to millions of Indian customers who come from diverse backgrounds. Hence, our voice is tuned to be inclusive, to reach and impact anyone and everyone. However, please keep in mind this style guide has been designed specifically for the Indian market.

🔹 Genuine

We are honest, direct, anti-predatory and do not try to take advantage of our users. We don’t lie or beat around the bush. We don’t mislead them and are always authentic.

🔹 Friendly

We communicate like a friend. We are not at all formal; we talk in a youthful, casual, conversational way while remaining respectful to our users.

🔹 Light-hearted

We don’t take things too seriously and like to look on the brighter side of life. We are uplifting, and always try to boost your mood.

🔸 Our humour is sweet

When we are funny, our humour is positive, warm, wholesome, and fun. Avoid controversial, edgy, offensive or sarcastic humour.


FAQ: Why can't our voice be funny like [insert random brand]?

While we all love the latest snark and sass coming from some of today's brands, we have to keep in mind what's best and most appropriate for LazyPay, and the goals we are trying to achieve as a business. We're also a financial product dealing with money, so we have to be careful and strategic with humour.

There are definitely channels where we can have some more fun, but be sure to stick to the guidelines outlined in the brand voice and tone documentation. We can be funny sometimes, but we're not jokers.

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